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  • Are you a conformist or an individualist? I ask this question because I’ve been thinking about how people look and how we perceive them as a result.

  • I am so very weary of all the things demanding my attention these days. Can someone please make it all go away? My day begins with sound. At 7 a.m. my alarm clock goes off, or rather comes on, with music from a local radio station. It used to go off at 6 a.m., but it was almost unbelievable how many times I woke up to that horrid Justin Bieber song so I finally just changed the time I woke up.

  • The last century has witnessed an amazing light show, what started with T. Edison’s breakthrough of the incandescent has been reimagined with miniature fluorescents and now LEDs, light emitting diodes. The diode in our time seemingly endowed with magical properties, this the detail at the core of every microcircuit and cellphone, now part of a lighting revolution. To the end, it’s goodbye Tom Edison.

  • The Silk Road was the super highway to history, sort of like the original Walmart. The Silk Road was named for the stuff expensive pajamas and lingerie are made of, which explains everything. Though it could have been named the Cinnamon Road. Or the black powder road. Or the apple road, rhubarb road, asparagus road. As for corn, squash and pumpkins, they went the other way.

  • We’re two weeks into September, and fall is finally here. Doesn’t it feel great? I absolutely adore this weather. The days are glorious and the evenings amazing. I just want to stay outside forever when it’s like this.

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