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  • Autumn is to remember potato vacation. A time of one room schools neatly scattered through the towns like jubilant watermelon patches. When kids walked to school, pumped the water and filled the reservoir, swept the outhouse, clapped the erasers before pledging the allegiance to the flag and President Washington reigned over the alphabet strip.

  • It’s October, and autumn is in full swing. Along with the change in weather, there’s a change in activity. There’s a change in the types of activity and also the pace of activity. The cooler air makes me want to be more active, and stay outside longer. There’s a melancholy in the air as we say goodbye to warmer temperatures and all that green we’ve gotten used to.

  • “I’ve been everywhere, man, I’ve been everywhere …” For me, those lyrics from a Johnny Cash song aren’t quite true. But, as I reflected on travels during my 78 years, I was amazed at all the places I have visited. I’ve never had a list of places that I planned to visit during my lifetime, but just took things as they came. Still, I suppose I’ve been more fortunate than many when I count the spots I’ve experienced.

  • With the presidential race coming to a frenzied head, I’ve been looking for more ways to de-stress these days. I’m trying hard to minimize my time with social media and purposely leaving everything unplugged in exchange for enjoying the natural world as much as I can. It seems more important now than ever.

  • I do not know why the morning café is not included in the same Second Amendment that guarantees the right to bear arms, as by right ought include a long, durable list of other equally generous and sacred guarantees. To think we should guarantee education, books, open space, accessible silence, clean water, dogs and cats, dark nights. Myself, I think every citizen needs a dose of dirt roads to maintain their personal equilibrium, as well as a good morning café.

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