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  • Sorry, one more time, to write about the monarch butterfly. Never mind the subject is out of season, they having all fled southwest on their integrated compass reading. My sense of the monarch, and other species as well, that this migration business bothers our humanity, the sense of prideful humanity, threatens our place in Genesis when a flimsy half-gram animal creature can figure out how to get to central Mexico from central Wisconsin without MapQuest.

  • Here’s a list you want to stay away from: Condé Nast Traveler’s unfriendliest cities in the United States. The publisher used several criteria to develop the list – many from travelers who’d visited these places, so to be sure, it’s subjective. I can’t claim to be able to verify the list since I haven’t visited most of the places on it. What I can say is that being a Midwesterner, I’m aware of our reputation of being friendlier than many. Also, as someone who’s spent plenty of time down south, I’d vouch for those who say there are many friendly folks there as well.

  • It is known, certain dramatic ends inspire ghosts, at the very least ghost stories. Murder comes to mind, especially the messy variety, a generous advantage to ghosts. Some nationalities are notably ghost-ridden, the Scots come to mind, Mexicans, Tahitans, Japanese. For some reason, Norwegians do not suffer ghosts, lutefisk is a barrier of some sort. American Indians suffer ghosts with theatric aplomb, the likely precursors to Edgar Allen Poe.

  • Wow, what a crazy last few weeks it’s been. It’s funny how we make plans and then life just happens anyway, and through no fault of our own we find ourselves in a tornado of activity from which we cannot extricate ourselves, and we simply have to ride it out. I’m getting too old for this. Not really, but my body certainly is rebelling and letting me know how unhappy it is with the current circumstances.

  • When many plants are losing their leaves or shriveling at season’s end, the kale family is coming into its own.

    Consider growing kale because:

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