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  • Searching for connection in Africa

    Part of our mission as Peace Corps volunteers is to help promote a better understanding of Americans in our host countries. That doesn’t mean just showing up and showing them how we do things “American style.” Sorry America, I’m not in Comoros to spend two years bragging about how great we are.

  • Red squirrels abound in the woods where I trek on winter afternoons with my skid tractor and logging cable. I have noticed when the temperature is in the sub-20-degree range they disappear. To re-emerge on a balmy 23-degree day.

  • A few weeks ago my sister sent me something interesting. It was something she’d found in our mother’s cookbook, used as a bookmark. It was a recipe from a home economics class assignment I had done in high school, and she thought I’d like to have it.

  • Chances are, if you were in an airplane crash, you wouldn’t be reading this. I am among those who’ve never experienced a plane crash, although I was on a flight that came perilously close to being involved in a mishap.  It happened as a flight from Minneapolis was about to land in Memphis in the 1970s. Just before the wheels touched down on the runway, the pilot of the big jet pulled up and went around for a second landing attempt. He came on the speaker system as we were ascending to explain that another plane had gotten onto the runway we were about to land on and he’d decided to “go around.”

  • Well, what did you expect me to write about this week? We got almost a foot of snow, and there’s no way you weren’t affected in some way by this incredibly huge dump of the white stuff. In fact, I’m sure you could write your own story, but since I have the column, you get to hear all about mine.

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