Well, what did you expect me to write about this week? We got almost a foot of snow, and there’s no way you weren’t affected in some way by this incredibly huge dump of the white stuff. In fact, I’m sure you could write your own story, but since I have the column, you get to hear all about mine.

My big snow day actually started the night before, when the snow had already begun to fall. Nights like this I typically head home from work, carefully, because everyone has varying skills when driving on snowy roads.

After getting home, I feed the dog, feed myself, and relax a bit before heading out on a dog walk. But on snowy nights I generally tackle the snow before the dog walk.

So it was that I headed out and fired up the snowblower, clearing out the driveway easily, since the snow that night was fairly light. And as usual, the city plows came along right after that and made a donation to my driveway. At this point of winter, I just start driving over it and packing it down instead of trying to move it.

In the morning however, I discovered, as much of the city did, that much snow had fallen during the night. Not being a morning person, and knowing more snow was sure to fall throughout the day, I headed to work knowing that my Tuesday evening would be filled with the glorious work of snow removal.

I was busy that day, and looked outside now and then. The snow was still falling every time I checked. Heather, one of our editors, had to leave mid-afternoon, and got stuck in the parking lot. So Nate, our managing editor and I went out to push. I was surprised how much snow had fallen and how hard we had to work at getting Heather on her way.

About an hour or so later, Gene Kemmeter called to advise us it would be wise to close the office and head for home, as the wind was picking up and the snow had turned to sleet. He had got stuck in his own driveway, and felt we should be forewarned of a similar fate.

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