In the primary election administered Tuesday, Feb. 21, for the April election cycle, state superintendent of public instruction results were as follows:

On the state level, Tony Evers received 251,477 votes, Lowell E. Holtz received 82,519 votes and John Humphries was knocked out of the April 4 race with 26,563 votes.

In Portage County, Evers received 3,560 votes, Holtz received 622 and Humphries received 329 votes.

In the primary town of Eau Pleine primary election for town chairperson, challenger Clifford E. Altmann received 150 votes while second challenger Gerald Zarecki received 44 votes and incumbent Jack Kawleski received 65 votes.

Altmann and Kawleski will face off in the general election Tuesday, April 4.

Additionally, new information was provided for local township/village races on the April 4 ballot.

Town of Pine Grove

The town of Pine Grove ballot will include Jeanette Wilson for chair; Harlan Nigh and Ben Sawyer for two supervisor seats; and Paula Cummings for clerk/treasurer.

Town of Dewey

The town of Dewey spring ballot will include two challenged positions.

Incumbent Dennis Hintz is being challenged by Maurice King for the town chair seat.

Also, three candidates have entered in the race for two Town Board supervisor positions.

The ballot will include incumbent Jerry Kizewski, Kristine Klish and Dennis Meis. The two with the highest votes received will fill the seats.

In unchallenged positions, incumbent Angela Lochinger will be on the ballot for town clerk and Josie Napiwocki for town treasurer.

Village of Park Ridge

In the village of Park Ridge, Trish Baker and Gordon Renfert will face off for the position of village president. Steven Bergin and Jim Sachs are running unchallenged for two trustee seats. 

Original Story: 

A primary election will be administered locally Tuesday, Feb. 21, for the April election cycle.

Portage County will have a countywide spring primary election for state superintendent of public instruction Tuesday, Feb. 21, but there is only one local race.

That race is in the town of Eau Pleine where three people are running for the position of town chair. The candidates are incumbent Chair Jack Kawleski who is challenged by Gerald Zarecki and Clifford E. Altmann.

The three candidates for superintendent of public instruction are incumbent Tony Evers, Lowell E. Holtz and John Humphries, and the two candidates receiving the most votes statewide will advance to the April 4 spring election.

A general election will be held Tuesday, April 4, for the two winners of the February primary as well as several local offices also up for election.

Stevens Point

Among the six odd-numbered Stevens Point districts up for election in April, three are contested. The candidates are:

District 1 – Incumbent George Doxtator is being challenged by Tori Jennings, an anthropology lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and chair of the Stevens Point Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

District 3 – Incumbent Garrett Ryan said he will not seek re-election. Newcomer Cindy Nebel, Old Main Neighborhood Association member, will face off against Christopher Villarreal.

District 5 – Incumbent Meleesa Johnson is running unopposed.

District 7 – Incumbent Mary Kneebone is running unopposed.

District 9 – Incumbent Mary McComb is being challenged by Polly Dalton.

District 11 – Incumbent Shaun Morrow is running unopposed.

Other positions up for election are the city attorney, held by Andrew Logan Beveridge; city clerk, held by John Moe; and comptroller/treasurer, held by Cory Ladick. All positions are unopposed.

School Board

The School Board has four candidates for four available seats in the April election. Three seats are for three-year terms and the last seat is for one-year to complete the term Sam Levin, who resigned his seat in November 2016. The three candidates receiving the most votes will receive a three-year term. The candidate receiving the next highest number of votes will receive the one-year term.

The candidates are Dewey Gantz, Trish Baker, Christina Scott and Amy Dailey.


Town of Almond

The town of Almond April election ballot will include incumbents Dan Turzinski for chairman, Phil Rendall for supervisor, Roger Hetzel for another supervisor seat, Nancy Seaman for clerk and Brianne Kett for treasurer.

Town of Amherst

The town of Amherst April ballot will include incumbents Don Spierings for town chair, Shawn Lea for clerk and Holy Bacon for treasurer running unopposed.

Also, there are two positions for town supervisors with three candidates, which include incumbent Richard Trzebiatowski and newcomers Tommy Enright and Wayne Lutz.

Town of Belmont

The town of Belmont April ballot will include unchallenged incumbents David Walkowicz, town chair; Thomas Turner, supervisor 1; Wayne Warzynski, supervisor 2; Sherry Forseth, clerk.

For the position of treasurer, Sandy Falk will face off against Julie Troestler.

Town of Buena Vista

The town of Buena Vista April ballot will include unopposed incumbents Paul Cieslewicz, chair; Bert Trzebiatowski, supervisor 1; Duane Clark, supervisor 2; Germaine Stuczynski, clerk; and Catherine Guth, treasurer.

Town of Carson

The town of Carson April ballot will include unopposed incumbents Wally Zywicki, chair; Ed Rutta, treasurer; and Annette Stashek, clerk.

Vying for two seats as town supervisors, candidates Ken Zarecki, Rich Hamus and John Jazdzewski will appear on the ballot.

Town of Grant

The town of Grant April ballot will include unchallenged incumbents Sharon Schwab, chair; Dale Winkler, supervisor; James Yetter, supervisor; Vicky Zimmerman, clerk; and Diana Luecht, treasurer.

Town of New Hope

The town of New Hope April ballot will include unchallenged incumbents Daniel Zaborowski, chair; Todd Knepfel, supervisor 1; Timm Raddatz, supervisor 2; Kari Yenter, clerk; and Dorene Stolpa, treasurer.

Town of Plover

The town of Plover April ballot will include unchallenged incumbents Timothy Karcheski, chair; James Garbe, supervisor 1; Michael Langlois, supervisor 2; and Joan Scheider, clerk/treasurer.

Town of Lanark

The town of Lanark April ballot will include unchallenged incumbents Mike Pagel, chair; Bill McKee, supervisor 1; Elmer Farms, supervisor 2; Cheryl Leatherman, clerk; and Theresa Mages, treasurer.

Town of Stockton

The town of Stockton April ballot will include unopposed incumbents Michael Bronk, town chair; Sandra Walters, treasurer; and Lauri Novotny, clerk.

With two seats up for election, incumbent supervisors Jeanne Dodge and Jerry Piesik are being challenged by Terry Johnson. The two with the most votes will fill the two positions.

Town of Sharon

On the town of Sharon April ballot, town chair incumbent Jeffery Check will face challenger Patrick Wanserski.

Also, the town will have two town supervisor seats open with incumbent Curtis Gagas and Bill Gibbs on the ballot. Newcomer Lori Printz is running unopposed for the position of clerk/treasurer.

Incumbent supervisor Helen Basinski and incumbent clerk/treasurer Alice Wierzba have chosen not to seek re-election.


Village of Amherst

Three trustee seats will be up for election in April in the village of Amherst with incumbent candidates Tom Ashline and Jeffrey Heinz and newcomer David Crubaugh on the ballot. Incumbent Jay Brenner is not seeking re-election.

Village President Michael Juris is running for reelection with no opposition.

Village of Whiting

In April, the village of Whiting will have three trustee positions open and three incumbents running, Bill Taugner, Cecil Coats and Kevin Lutz. The village president position will be open because no one has submitted nomination papers.

Village of Rosholt

The village of Rosholt April ballot will include unchallenged incumbents Robert Kurszewski, village president for a term of two years; and Mike Garski, village trustee for a two-year term.

Polling locations

The polling locations by municipality are as follows:

Stevens Point

District 1 – Hi-Rise Manor, 1300, Briggs Court.

District 2 – Recreation Center, 2442 Sims Ave.

District 3 – Dreyfus University Center, 1015 Reserve St.

District 4 – Mid-State Technical College, 1001 Centerpoint Drive.

District 5 – Jefferson School, 1800 East Ave.

District 6 – Stevens Point Transit, 2700 Week St.

District 7 – National Guard Armory, 3116 Jefferson St.

District 8 – St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 600 Wilshire Blvd.

District 9 – Lincoln Center, 1519 Water St.

District 10 – Health Care Center, 825 Whiting Ave.

District 11 – Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, 340 Division St. N.


Village of Almond – Municipal Center, Main Street.

Village of Amherst – Municipal Building 160 Mill St.

Village of Amherst Junction – Village Hall, 3980 Second St. (Former F&M Bank).

Village of Junction City – Village Hall, 1001 Main St.

Village of Milladore – Village Office, 120 Main St.

Village of Nelsonville – TR Valley Agriculture Building, 3257 County Road Q.

Village of Park Ridge – Village Hall, 24 Crestwood Drive.

Village of Plover – Plover Municipal Center, 2400 Post Road.

Village of Rosholt – Village Hall, 101 S. Main St.

Village of Whiting – Municipal Center, 3600 Water St.


Town of Alban – Central Wisconsin Electric Co., 10401 Lystul Road, Rosholt.

Town of Almond – Almond Legion Hall, 1401 Division St., Almond.

Town of Amherst – Town Hall, 4023 County Road Q.

Town of Belmont – Town Hall, 9110 16th Road.

Town of Buena Vista – Town Hall, 6684 County Road BB.

Town of Carson – Town Hall, 3756 County Road M.

Town of Dewey – Town Hall, 430 Dewey Drive.

Town of Eau Pleine – Town Hall, 3191 State Highway 34.

Town of Grant – Town Hall, corner of County Road WW and 90th Street.

Town of Hull – Municipal Building, 4550 Wojcik Memorial Drive.

Town of Lanark – Town Hall, intersection of State Highway 54 and County Road TT.

Town of Linwood – Town Hall, 3160 Mill Creek Drive.

Town of New Hope – North New Hope Church, 845 County Road T.

Town of Pine Grove – Municipal Center, 5444 County Road W, Bancroft.

Town of Plover – Town Hall, 5081 Hoover Ave. South.

Town of Sharon – Town Hall, 6704 State Highway 66.

Town of Stockton – Town Hall, 7252 Sixth St., Custer.

Election results will be available on the Portage County website at www.co.portage.wi.us. Results will be unofficial until canvasses are held.