Leadership of Portage County Towns discussed the merits of a resolution steadily gaining support regarding unified, countywide emergency medical services (EMS) and the issues of response time to the most rural areas of the county at the Towns Association meeting Monday, Jan. 23.

The resolution, drafted by the town of Grant, asserts the town’s position that the “gold standard” response time be no more than 15 minutes, even in the most remote of areas in the county; that towns are not only allowed to contract with external private EMS companies, but be compensated for those contracts; and that the county create a new EMS plan with the involvement of all towns to achieve aforementioned goals.

Grant has recently been in some legal dealings with the county over the unified county EMS services system. Because the town of Grant is in the far southwest corner of Portage County, EMS response times can be up to 25 minutes. 

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