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  • The week in recreation: Prairies and platitudes, mendacity and mindfulness

    It’s another lovely week in Portage County, and there are two quick things to think about before we all head out to Schmeeckle Reserve and visit the Ron Zimmerman Prairie. First is that there is now a Ron Zimmerman Prairie. Second, I hope if Ron ever reads this column that he’s a forgiving guy, because I might have fibbed a little about pine needles not too long ago.

  • Wolf population out of control, summit attendees say

    I traveled upstream last week for a first-of-its-kind Great Lakes Wolf Summit held in northern Wisconsin. Organized by two Republican lawmakers from northern Wisconsin, it called together agriculturists, game managers, sportsmen and wolf advocates.

  • Alternative perspective: Who needs parks, anyway?

    I got my first “fan” letter, and I’m not sure what to think of it, so I’m just putting it out here in its entirety. I think the writer must like my column, but I’m not really sure. It’s real, isn’t it? At least I think it looks real.

  • And now for our weekly therapy session …

    It’s only the second week of fall, which few realize is part of a nine-month super-season called “Not-Summer,” or sometimes “The Time of Wistful Longing to Return to the Cabin for Just One More Week.” Maybe a time to disavow things believed earlier in the year.

  • Wolf management debate will continue at summit

    Have you ever caught the howl of a wolf? Ever been serenaded by the chorus of a wailing pack of wolves? If you have, it no doubt raised the hair on the back of your neck. Aldo Leopold described the call of a wolf as “an outburst of wild defiant sorrow, and of contempt for all the adversities of the world. Every living thing (and perhaps many a dead one as well) pays heed to that call.”

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