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  • Rib Mountain’s Yellow Trail is spectacularly … yellow

    After teasing us for too long, autumn and its gorgeous colors finally blew into town last week, as conspicuous as your crazy cousins, the ones who cause the demise of your creaky old end table when teaching your youngest kid to do some ’80s-era dance on top of it.

  • Meanderings: Respect, getting around and Marshfield nature centers

    Our country is wandering in a political wilderness. It doesn’t even seem metaphorical – the lack of civility has so seeped into politics that a large number of our putative leaders seem literally to have turned to wild animals, acting as if they’re fighting over chunks of meat while forgetting that the rest of us struggle to find a scrap here and there. 

  • Ice Age Trail Hike-A-Thon showcases community spirit

    Seventy-eight hikers from 5 to 78 years old, including a pair from Massachusetts, took part in the 30th annual Hike-A-Thon for the Portage and Waupaca Ice Age Trail Alliance chapters at Hartman Creek State Park Saturday, Oct. 1. They doubtlessly appreciated the wonderful opportunity, as I did when joining them.

    On the other hand, it’s always good to ask whether we appreciate something enough.

  • Waterfowl season in full swing, hunters say wood ducks abundant

    “The beginning is often a poor place to start the story of a duck hunt. The true devotee of the wind-swept autumn waters hunts many other things besides ducks.” Those words came from arguably Wisconsin’s most famous duck hunter, Gordon MacQuarrie – an outdoor columnist for 20 years at the Milwaukee Journal beginning in the 1930s. He reported to his readers weekly on all things hunting and fishing, but his true love was duck hunting.

  • As autumn comes, welcome sounds and smells of season

    In a technical sense, autumn’s equinox arrives in late September when the sun crosses the equator and the duration of day and night stands equal. Friend Tim O’Day of Wisconsin Rapids, one of a close-knit group of writers and poets who meet monthly to share written thoughts, had this to say:

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